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    Requirements to be accepted into the group confirmed

    . Given the doubts , ranting , etc. , not to enter the group confirmed :
    you must have at least 30 post , but not worth none that have not been helpful , ie , not counted the like, " thanks ", " helpful ", " I'll prove it " etc. .

    The Staff will have more in mind the quality of the post the amount , if you have doubts , you do not know because you have not accepted your request , etc. .., speak with me , I'm here to help .
    But first , make self-criticism and think if you really , I've done enough merits .
    I remind all members that the main theme of the forum is the SAT and everything related to it , Receivers , emus , satellites, etc ...
    Ie all subjects and SAT inputs centered , have more validity than others. The post helps other members too.
    This is a forum designed to share and express the knowledge of more experienced members who are not.
    The MagTeam wants ideas discussed , respecting the opinions of others.
    Due to the increase in Spanish-speaking members in the forum , have been opening new sections and new sections in them, but as I say, more value is given to do with the world of the SAT .

    Hi all,
    to make your request for access to the group confirmed
    to access the servers free forum
    go here :
    This is a group of active members who participate in the life of the forum
    I remind all members accepted into the group confirmed
    may be flushed every time the group
    So, to keep within this group , you have to be active in the forum.

    We hope your participation.
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    Requirements  to be accepted into the group confirmed
    Ich'har Circuit publicitaire
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    Re: Requirements to be accepted into the group confirmed

    scusami il sito che hai pubblicato non funziona
    Salve a tutti. Bware rx8900

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