The BBC has announced that it will use the World Cup in Brazil to carry out several emissions testing Ultra High Definition (UHDTV).

These tests will be conducted through the dissemination of satellite signals, namely three corresponding to the knockout quarter-final and final matches.

Signals in Ultra High Definition BBC only be displayed in a number of television screens that will be located in the department of "R & D" from the BBC.

These will be some of the first live broadcasts made in UHDTV in Britain, confirming the interest of the British public by 4K.

This technology is 4 times the resolution of 1080p and is advertised as the television standard of the future. However, the number of content currently available in this format is relatively small.
The Portuguese RTP also tests the UHDTV

The public broadcaster RTP Portugal plans to conduct several tests on Ultra HD coinciding with the World Championship Football Brazil 2014.

The Ultra High Definition signal can be captured through the fiber optic network Meo Satellite. Also you can capture on Samsung TVs with interactive application Meo UHD.

In addition, RTP Ultra HD will be broadcast via satellite in the Arena concert hall Meo Lisbon. This television receiver or the same brand Samsung UHD will be used.