Al Arabi Al- Jadeed is the name the new news channel that will compete directly with Al Jazeera in Qatar. In fact , the chain is also funded by this Arab country .

The headquarters of Al Arabi Al- Jadeed be established in London. The channel was created with the clear intention of competing with and also with Al Jazeera news channel Al Arabia , MBC backed and headquartered in Dubai.

The new channel is described as an attempt to restore the image of Qatar in certain key Arab markets such as Egypt where Al Jazeera journalists were detained .

In fact the Egyptian authorities have banned political sign in their country of Al Jazeera news considering that its contents are offensive to the political interests of Egypt.

Al Jazeera calls on Egypt

The television network Al Jazeera has filed a claim against Egypt before the international court of arbitration, ICSID for its acronym in English, according to Financial Times. Specifically , the channel requested $ 150 million for the repression of the government in Cairo has gone through its journalists.

The Egyptian government accuses Al Jazeera of being in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and arrested four of its reporters , who have been tried , while canal operations in the country have been closed .