1-installation of (oscam )on box GI SPARK3

THE LINK:Dropbox - OScamNew_PVU1.apk

Download the file from this link and put it in usb, then put the usb in GI spark3

Press home ----) more application

Then press on file list

Choose usb: c and press ok

Find xxcam file on your usb and click ok then install it with red buttons

2- configuration ofcccam on oscam

After installation return on:
home ----) more application -----) oscam

Click on (ok) then config

Press buttons on green (add) to add Ccccam line

Choisir protocole et changer le newcamd en xxcam et enregistré avec buttons rouge

Après zapper sur interface web et noter l adresse ip de BOX GI spark3

Open in your pc the browser and type the ip address of box followed by: 8888
Like 192.168.xx.xx: 8888
AND for user: root
Password: root

Choose option files

Then option: xxcam .server
and put your xxcam line in
Device: host; port
User: xxx
Password: xxx
Save by option: save

Home ----) more application ------) xxcam -------) plugin
And activate the xxcam by red button